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The Kentucky Lions Eye Foundation is a charitable non-profit organized by the Lions of Kentucky (501-c-3). Our mission is to  prevent and cure blindness by supporting eye research, operating eye clinics, screenings and an eye bank. The Lions Eye Foundation is a non-profit organization that assists those individuals that are not financially capable of obtaining proper eye care.  The Foundation is not limited to the boundaries of the United States, all over the world; people are benefited by the research performed at the Foundation. Millions of people are witnesses to the generosity and goodness of the Lions Eye Foundation and its supporters. The Lions pride themselves in helping people overcome various eye afflictions through treatment by world-class physicians.

The Lions Eye Foundation is dedicated to upholding the mission that has gotten them this far and helped so many people. The foundation’s activities are supported through funds contributed by Lions & Lioness Clubs, individual members, businesses, benefactors, memorials and bequests. Our vision screening programs and clinics provide vital eye health and eye safety information to people in need. Approximately one-third of adults will fail a vision screening and need to see an eye doctor. In low-income senior groups, the failure rate can be as high as 50%.  The Foundation stands ready to help Lions Clubs in their pursuit of saving the sight of Kentuckians.

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